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Discussion in 'Breeding' started by tiger135, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. tiger135

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    hi there my cats is in heat and i was woundering if any one new were i could get a stud of the same colur from to mate with her i do not have the papers as i stupidly lost them for her but i payed 400 for her and she is a stunning girl hope any one can help thanks for reading.
    tiger135, Jan 23, 2011
  2. tiger135

    Daintipawz Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2012
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    If she was registered as I presume she was if you are wanting to breed from her, you could get in touch with the GCCF or Tica or whichever organisation she was registered with and get copies of her registration papers, have you lost her pedigree papers as well? Maybe her Breeder will make you another copy.
    I am assuming you bought her on the active register which means your Breeder sold her so you could breed from her, if you bought her on the non active register then it would state on the contract from your Breeder that you bought her on the understanding you would spay her when she reached 6 months old.
    What Breed is she? Most breeds would cost over £400 for a kitten on the active register, a Sphynx on the active would cost you around £1,000 to breed.
    A stud owner will need to see your papers and you will also have to have your girl snap tested for FIV and FeLV 24 hrs before taking her to stud,she will need a certificate from your vet to prove this,
    Do you know her blood type? Some breeds need to be blood tested for compatibility with the stud, if a blood group B female goes with a blood group A male her kittens will be born dead or die within 3 days of being born.
    If you have bought the kitten on the non active and signed the contract with your Breeder and you then decide to breed from her your breeder is within her rights to take the cat back so make sure you did buy her on the active register, although I wouldn't imagine your breeder would have sold her to you on the active if you weren't a breeder anyway.
    Daintipawz, Oct 6, 2012
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