Clouded leopard cub rejected by mum is hand reared in family bathroom

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    Nimbus the clouded leopard cub is being hand-reared due to being found abandoned in her enclosure. Now 2 1/2 months old, she is beginning to transition to a more natural lifestyle and environment for a wild big cat.

    Jamie Craig the curator of the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Bradwell Grove, Burford Oxfordshire, UK has hand reared the baby clouded leopard in his family bathroom after she was rejected by her mother.

    Jamie has been hand feeding Nimbus with a cat milk replacement formula by bottle, and the baby leopard has been given soft toys to play with and cuddle.

    Nimbus is outgrowing life in a family home, and is beginning the transition to a life more fitting for a leopard. She has left her foster family’s home and is now being reared at the zoo.

    It is hoped that Nimbus will re-join others at the park and eventually join a breeding program, and perhaps move to another wildlife park when she is grown.
    Trellum, Oct 7, 2014
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