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    I have had cats for over 50 years with many debilitating issues that vets for the most part can't figure out and fix immediately. It takes them months to years because they "just don't know ". Or do they? Is it the money aspect? Everything is "experimental ", if this doesn't work, lets try that. More money. Rediculous, costly and nine times out of ten, no benefit to the animal. The cost can wind up to be thousands of dollars with no positive results or a fix. Ultrasounds, xrays, blood work, all of it is costly. And definitely DO NOT GO HOLISTIC! They have absolutely no idea or clue what they are doing. Fecal transfers, Chinese meds, needle pressure points, no way any of this works, don't get drawn into this.
    Bottom line is all beings, animal and human go thru devastating health issues and quite honestly, no one has a clue. Every being is different. I have limited faith in any medical profession wheather it be for human or animal. The only avenue I am sure of is dental cleaning. Which of course includes extractions if necessary. This will promote health and longevity. Bad teeth can lead to heart disease in humans and animals.
    As a note, I have to be fair in 1 positive experience I've had with a vet. Example: Jake, rescue from abandoned home, 4 years ago, possibly 11 years old at the time, rt eye injury from being "out there". Came up with an abcess, rt cheek area 2 yrs after rescue. X-rays, blood tests, etc. Cheek terribly puffed up, draining blood/ fluids. 1st vet exploratory, " nothing they could do", 2nd vet, same but after the exploratory, they left the drain in and i had to call them on how to remove it. 3rd vet (VT, blacksburg, va) extensive exploratory, drain, sutures, months of medication (and only because I insisted he needed more) and he is ok for now. It's now been a year that he is in the clear. Thankfully. ​

    Last bottom line, when you take on ANY animal, it is for their life and their well being. They are like your child. You do for them as you would do for yourself OR your child! They ARE NOT A PROPERTY. Unfortunately I know too many people that are stupid and feel this way even though they are what is considered rocket scientists, making tons of $ but treat their animals as a possession and not a member of their family.

    Sorry, somehow this got moved to the bottom. Was typed after Jake's info but I'm not a rocket scientists and don't k own how to move it to proper place. Please forgive me.

    That's only 1 example of a successful experience IN 50 YEARS. But, it cost me thousands. It's what you do for those you love and "take on".
    It's been over 50 years now and my remaining cats are elderly. As they age, issues start appearing. Lenny is 23, Tabu, Chessie and Kisu are 18 and unfortunately I know it is only a matter of time. The rest age from 16 down to 8. Tabu developed polyps in her throat, ears and nose, past 2 years. She is on steroids to help. Due to her age, she can't through an operation, it's day by day, hoping she will eat well. Kisu and Chessie amazingly are ok. Chessie is deaf but eats very well as does Kisu. Both very sweet. Lenny also is deaf, has no teeth, holding his own, knows what he wants and when. All I can say is that he is maintaining, but he loves belly rubs.
    Karyn Stevens, Jun 26, 2024
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