The Most Saddest Cat Story In The World, Witnessed By Me. Based On A True Story

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Mocha&Latte, Feb 9, 2014.

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    I'm not going to name any names here because that would be rude to the person who did this to their cat, But, I am going to tell you the most saddest cat story in the world, that was witnessed by me. Based on a True Story......
    In 2012, I was shopping , going to my favorite grocery store. I always used to go there. One day, I was shopping and I see this orange cat in the store. I thought it was a stray at first because it didn't have a collar or anything. It was crawling with fleas and bugs. It was obviously overweight. And, its nails seemed like they were never ever cut. I asked the store manager if it was a stray or not. I was surprised that the manager said that it was their store cat. They BOUGHT it to kill mice and pests in the store. i was shocked! Never have I seen a cat in such poor conditions. It's name was Sonia. I felt very bad for the cat, so I asked the clerk if I could have it ( I was actually going to take it to the vet and to the pet salon and get it's nails cleaned and clipped and buy it great toys and actually make sure it has a scratching post). He said no! Man, was I mad. I never went to that store again!
    One day, in 2013, I was going to the laundry place ( because my washing machine broke). I passed the disgusting store which I just talked about. Suddenly, I see a orange cat . Automatically, I knew it was Sonia. I ran to the store which had the cat and I told them
    "Hey, your cat is out on the street" They were like "It is"? They didn't even know! Sonia was just about to get hit by a car but she came running! Ever since that day, they kept her in the basement of the store.
    In January, i went to the same store to check up on Sonia ( I still cared about her). I asked the clerk where she is. hE HAD NO CLUE! So, I went to the back of the store. And there she was, She was giving birth to one kitten! I told the clerk and he said "Ok". Never cared! Then, I named her Callie ( by myself, they actually didn't name her anything). Then, I remembered that I had to go pick up my nice from Karate Class, so I left. Sadly..
    Later on , I went to the store again, to see the new cat. I asked the clerk if I could just peek up on Sonia and her baby. He said " Sonia Died" with a blank face expression. I rushed to the back to find a small kitten all by herself, 1 day old and a dead mother cat. I was sooooo mad. There was nothing I could do. So, everyday, four times a day, i would go to that same store and feed her the right amount of "mother cat milk". Like others do, I did research to try to find out on how to take care of a motherless kitten. Now, Callie is all healthy and grown up. I bought her a scratching post and toys and I month supply of food , litter and a litter box. I also bought her nail clippers and everything she needs. She still live sin that dirty store, but now at least I know that she is fine. I also took her to the vet ( with the managers permission) to get her fleas treated.
    To this day, Callie still lives in that store, but whenever I come, she comes running to me with joy and happiness. Now, Callie is fine. But the clerk is mad, and I don't even know why?

    So that was my story. It is real but I changed the name of the cat and all. Can you beleive this cats story. Every amazing animal comes with a story, and this is Callies story. She is not my cat but I still treat her like she is.

    Please, send me some comments of her. I will post up a picture of her in her home ( which is the store). !
    Mocha&Latte, Feb 9, 2014
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    That was a really sad story :( but I'm really glad you did the right thing by helping that cat and her baby. The manager of that store was just a heartless monster.

    It's sad, but a lot people out there see animals as a mere tool they can use and abuse. Sad but true. I hope you can share a picture of your little friend in the future.
    Trellum, Feb 20, 2014
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