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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LoveMyKittys, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Nov 11, 2016
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    my name is Deby and I just adopted a 4 and a half year old Brown Tabby female cat named Montana , I found her at the Humane Shelter , she is very sweet and loves attention , she does have a few problems so I'am taking her to a different vet tomorrow , I didn't care for the vet at the Humane Society , her left eyes always runs and her ears are always dirty , I have been cleaning her ears a lot and I still get a dark brown stuff every time I clean so I want to get that checked plus her eye checked , she has been a really great cat and we , hubby and me are in total love with her I'am so glad I found her , now the plan is to get her on some better food , I ordered a better dry food for her called Premium Edge , no junk in this food and I have some Tiki canned food for her , once we get her eye and her ears taken care of and get down close to a half a bag of her Purina One food I'am going to start adding just a little of her new food and once she is on her new food going to start adding some wet food to her diet I hope to have her around for a long time
    here is a picture of her [​IMG]

    heres a pic of me and Montana
    pay no attention to that human in the pic it's not my favorite pic , and she had a flea allergy so she did loose a little hair but I think it will grow back with lots of love , good food and some good brushing
    Nice To Meet Everyone
    LoveMyKittys, Nov 11, 2016
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  2. LoveMyKittys

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    She's gorgeous! Welcome to the forum :)
    Becky, Nov 14, 2016
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