New Maine coon mix. Just arrived this afternoon . Picture in avatar and Minnesota thread.

Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by Byron nelson, Jun 29, 2021.

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    Jun 20, 2021
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    She is supposed to be two yr old but I think she is barely above kitten. She is. Very thin. I gave here three different foods including fresh cooked plain chicken bits. She did eat a little dry cat food and a few licks of water. Found her cat box ok. She is following me everywhere and occasionally jumps up in my lap in my favorite rocking chair.
    But here is the issue. My dog was so much bigger and not really a lap dog at 60 pounds although she slept in bed some times .

    I alwayd worried about the big Aussie tail getting pinched in the rocker pivot. Now Sara is much smaller and has a very long thin tail.I would just hate to have her get caught in the rocker but short of surrounding the chair with a big blanket that she may burro in or under, I don’t have a good solution. I may have to revert to my office chair. she is wandering all over at close to bed time but hasn’t picked a spot yet. I put a small towel I’ve been sitting on all day in her cat cave so she has something with my scent on it. So for she is just meowing softly then jumps on my lap for a few minutes. I think she knows it’s bed time but she is still excited from her long ride today. 700 miles. Hopefully she will eat a little more in the morning. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow so I’ll let her look out the window on the table I have prepared for her.

    she has been shaved of her outer coat so it will be fall before that’s back. She does have beautiful long white whiskers. They even clipped her bobcat ear hair so lots of fur to be replaced. I combed her gently but there was not much in the comb.I think I’ll give her a damp cloth bath tomorrow., just to clean her up a little.
    I’m obviously very pleased with her she is so gentle .. she needs a lot of love and attention so she is in the right place. I’ve got some supplies ordered but I won’t really need them right away. I do need a better water fountain. I’ll see if we can get a ride to one of the farm stores near by.

    from here on I’ll try to be more focused on playing and teaching and so wordy. I have a double vision issue so typing and reading is extremely difficult. Spell check works reasonably well but I miss words occasionally so please bear with me.

    Byron nelson, Jun 29, 2021
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