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Discussion in 'Meet My Cat' started by Oakiesmama, Mar 10, 2024.

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    Mar 10, 2024
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    Hi everyone,

    Please meet my cat 1 year, 8 month old cat oakie

    Some facts
    • Cat Breed : Domestic Short-hair,
    • Coat color: Grey and white Tabby
    • Sex : Male
    • Diet : Wet Food (Rawz) Dry food:Rawz and open farms
    • Litter trained : Yes
    • Neutered/Spayed : Yes
    • Other : Vaccinated and microchipped (Yes)
    He is adventurous and photogenic, we found early on has much he loves the camera lol.

    He is sweet and loving, loves the cuddle and loves to play.

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    Oakiesmama, Mar 10, 2024
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