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Discussion in 'Cat Chat' started by glennst, Oct 23, 2021.

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    Oct 23, 2021
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    We have been using Tidy Cats littler and as with most clumping litters it works great, except it tracks out of box and is a nuisance to vacuum frequently. We tried pine pellets to reduce tracking but it does not absorb as well leaving moist poop that can be tracked or urine escapes to bottom over. We have a covered box with a deep ledge but it still tracks (see pic). We have even tried placing box on a 23 inch crate pan but it still gets tracked out of pan onto carpet. My wife tells me it’s not getting out from digging / scratching it out, but rather from their paws tracking it out.

    Question - Is there a clumping litter that has minimal tracking? I am thinking a larger granular like the pine pellets would work but I want a clumping absorbent product.

    Seeking advice on litter or box products that keeps the litter in the box. Thanks

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    glennst, Oct 23, 2021
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