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Discussion in 'Behaviour & Training' started by kittycatfan, Jul 17, 2022.

  1. kittycatfan

    kittycatfan New Member

    Jul 17, 2022
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    My cat princess uses the bathroom on the floor and bites me and she meows like she is hurting what do I do?
    kittycatfan, Jul 17, 2022
  2. kittycatfan

    oliviagreen Member

    Apr 13, 2024
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    Princess's behavior sounds like it could stem from a few different issues. Let's address them one by one:

    Litter Box Avoidance:

    Medical Issues: The meowing in pain and using the bathroom outside the litter box could be signs of a urinary tract infection (UTI) or other health problems. A trip to the vet is crucial to rule out any underlying medical conditions.
    Litter Box Issues: Once medical issues are ruled out, consider these factors that might be making the litter box unappealing to Princess:
    Cleanliness: Cats are very clean creatures and prefer a fresh litter box. Scoop waste daily and do a full litter box change weekly.
    Litter Type: Some cats dislike the texture or scent of certain litters. Try a different type, like unscented clumping clay or natural litter.
    Box Location: The box might be in a high-traffic area or somewhere Princess feels unsafe. Choose a quiet, easily accessible location.
    Box Size and Number: A cramped box can be uncomfortable. Ensure the box is large enough for her to turn around comfortably. Consider having multiple litter boxes, especially in multi-cat homes.

    Playful Aggression: Kittens often nip during play. However, if Princess is biting too hard or in a non-playful way, it's important to discourage this behavior. Stop playing immediately when she bites and redirect her energy to a toy.
    Overstimulation: Sometimes, cats bite when they've had enough petting or playtime. Pay attention to Princess's body language. If her ears flatten or her tail twitches, it's time to give her some space.
    Meowing in Pain:
    Vet Visit: As mentioned earlier, the vet should be your first step to rule out any medical conditions causing pain.
    oliviagreen, May 15, 2024
  3. kittycatfan

    Kitten.mama82 New Member

    May 15, 2024
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    yeah, thats what I'm thinking I would definitely try to get to a vet.
    Kitten.mama82, May 15, 2024
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