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Discussion in 'Meet My Cat' started by Byron nelson, Jun 25, 2021.

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    Jun 20, 2021
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    I was scared to death something had happened as I could contact the shipper at all until today. It will still be a couple days before my new cat arrives. I got her a nice cat cave and have prepared sleeping areas as well as cat box so I’m just waiting.
    My sister and care persons know a thing about her so it will be a huge surprise. I have a nice carpet laid out on top of the kitchen cupboards as I’m sure that will be a favorite lookout. Her cat was a black shade and hardly ever came out to visit. According to the rescue sarafina pi’s ver out going and vocal. She is a bit scrawny now as she had kittens and shelter living is sparse. My son offered his Maine coon harness as his prefers a lighter one. We’ll see what she likes. I have a couple cardboard play boxes reserved for her and s few toilet paper rolls to play with until ill I can get better stuff.

    it will be different dealing with a cat as opposed to a high drive Australian shepherd. And K9GS dog. I think the hardest part will be treats as the dogs ate almost anything I did so I’ll have to learn to be much more selective.
    Byron nelson, Jun 25, 2021
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