Happy Cat: Indoor Games for Fun

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    by Vanessa Voltolina


    When it’s time to decide whether your cat will be an indoor or an outdoor feline, it may seem like a no-brainer—assuming you’re ready to take on the extra behavioral needs and indoor games for fun that your cat will require. Studies consistently show that outdoor cats have far shorter life spans – many averaging two years or less - while indoor cat generally live until 15 years or older.

    Outside cats can suffer from injuries and contract disease in the wild (aka your backyard), coming head-to-head with automobiles, predators, pooches and other people. Because cats need to play, hunt and explore, if you opt to make your cat an indoor one, be ready to engage in some simple games. Here, we have four tips for making sure your indoor cat is purring with content!

    Indoor Game #1: Mimic the Hunt

    The feline drive to hunt is not always associated with the sensation of hunger, so no matter how well you feed your cat it will still react instinctively to the sights and sounds of prey with a stalk and pounce. You’re cat is a predator, so anything that moves rapidly or squeaks will trigger a response. Experiment with your cat to see which one does the trick, and remember to be sure they are safe and healthy.

    Indoor Game #2: Rotate the Toy Selection

    An outdoor cat likely experiences a new challenge or fascination on a daily basis. This means that play sessions for in-home cats need to be often (think at least three daily). Change things up by rotating and hiding toys so your cat doesn’t get bored.

    Full article here: http://www.pet360.com/cat/lifestyle/happy-cat-indoor-games-for-fun/n9bE-khxP0GB-y0pPcBjiw
    Trellum, Mar 23, 2014
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