Feral cat catching help

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by PharrellCats, Jun 3, 2024.

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    Jun 3, 2024
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    Hello all! I just found this forum and wanted to reach out for help. We have feral cats on our property that we feed. They had babies a couple of months ago cuz they would not go in traps...we got a few but not all. We tried for many days and the trauma of seeing the ones we did catch was enough to keep rest away and they likely have other food sources. We are desperate to catch the remaining plus babies. And have a small time frame to catch them. Has anyone tried different ways than the cage trap and been successful. There is a net catcher made specifically for unruly cats but it's expensive and don't want to get unless it works. Any help/ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. We have to stop the reproducing. Thank u sm.
    PharrellCats, Jun 3, 2024
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