2yr Old Cat eating litter, won't stop

Discussion in 'Behaviour & Training' started by craigprunty, Dec 4, 2010.

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    I have a 2yr old manx X. Few months ago he got somewhat lethargic. I started to follow him around, and followed him into the basement where he would go to the floor and lick it non-stop. Pull him away, and he'd just lick it somewhere else. His eating slowed, slept all the time. very limp. Bloodwork tests were done for everything, FIP, you name it, we tested for it, everything came back good. Got to a point where he was getting worse, his heart was racing, lost color in his gums, etc. Had to so something so vet used shotgun approach, antropine for the heart, antibiotics, vitamins, IV to regen fluids. He perked up for a few days, started moving around again, and headed back to the basement. Followed him down, and caught him eating the clay litter. Now he wasn't throwing up or anything, no signs of blockages, but did an Xray anyways. Xray showed he was plugged solid with litter.
    So for 2 weeks straight, we dumped laxative through him, he came right back to life. We got rid of the clay litter and switched to pine litter.
    Over the last week we noticed he was getting weak. Not moving around much. Trying to catch problems before he got really sick again, took him into the vet. They took an Xray, and he's plugged up with this litter now. They compaired the xrays, so they know its not the same consistency, He's eating the pine litter now.
    Could you imagine eating Pine? Its got a potent smell! can imagine it tastes bad.
    So the cat is nuts, thinks hes a dog or something, we have to switch litters again, anyone know of a litter that doesn't clump up if ingested?

    Anyone care to comment on this odd story?
    craigprunty, Dec 4, 2010
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